Thursday, July 01, 2004

when we live in the past, it costs us the present.

at my grandpas. a farm. there is an anti-fur sticker on this keyboard: funny.

from an email i sent to Her:
so i got here and there was no one here. so i fell asleep thinking that grandpa would be back at anytime. while asleep i had a dream in which grandpa was sick and was giving my guff for my lack of visits. I wake up and grandpa is still not here. i call home and tell mom, she calls me back and tells me he is in the hospital. but by this time visiting hours are over and i am feeling sullen or something. so i am here on this farmstead by myself and admittedly i am a bit scared. dark and empty. only the sound of the mechanical breathing of grandpa's oxygen machine. he has canned corn and diet 7up. the water is mineral laden.

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