Thursday, December 29, 2005

and time won't bring it back.

I got 24 different types of ginger ale/beer from K. for a gift. I think I will document the flavor and enjoyability of each one. More to come [...]

After going home for a few days and returning I feel nostalgic or with a sense of want for some of the things at my old home. My friends, I'd like to feel part of the loop, but time has a way of making that funny sort of. My home is in Urbana and I love my friends and shit here, but there is the feeling of piety for the old. So I miss it sometimes. But what is it that I miss? Is it just that of being young(er)? of what that entails? or is it something else?

Lately I feel like this exteneded schooling is preventing me from "living my life" like I can't start my life until school is over. This I know might be a little silly and as much as I want to start living, I don't want to, you know start Adulthood with its daggers and teeth.

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Anonymous said...

it was nice to see you again, and very nice to hang out mj. glenn.

lov eeeeeeeeeeee lise