Friday, October 27, 2006

Video games & gravy

Lately, I have been playing video games for the SNES platform, namely Mortal Kombat II and Super Mario Kart. I remember when MKII came out in 1993 and how much I swore at that game and my inability to beat most of my friends. Actually, I was never very good at most video games, which I haven't really thought about in a while.

I have recently acquired some new kitchen tools and have allowed a dichotomy to arise in my cooking: simple / gourmet. I either try to reduce the amount of ingredients as much as possible or I try to make everything fancy and better than your $15 a plate vegetarian restaurant. I don't usually broadcast my recipes because like an elderly person at a bake sale I want mine to be best.

Halloween is soon upon us and I am going to be Kermit the frog and K - miss piggy.

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