Saturday, February 16, 2008

if you have 5 seconds to spare

Saturated fats make food delicious. Since I don't eat things with faces, this means coconut products mostly. you need to eat coconut milk.

2 C wheat flour
1 C Water
1 tsp salt
1 T oil

make dough. rest dough. roll dough into circles. pan fry dough very hot with no oil.


Piglet said...

how long do you rest dough? and then do you just fry it in a pan? no oil at all?

anyway, i take it since i didn't hear back from you yesterday you weren't interested in going to bars where white undergrads tried to bump and grind to aretha franklin mixed over Jay-Z. good for you.

M said...

dough 1 - 4 hours. covered. i dont know if its 'frying' since there is no oil. i use cast iron and cook it until it starts to bubble up and then flip and wait for bubbling again and then you are done.

Omnipotent O said...

pff well why not use coconut milk instead of water? duh

DrIK said...

i just th ought that if I post a comment, it will look like Onur is looking down at it. Isn't it kinda cool?