Wednesday, August 14, 2002

tonite, we watched 'the man who was never there' it was a decent flick and then part of the movie 'trekkies'. In the midst of this we payed charlie to eat a part of a habanero pepper, we laughed, while his mouthed burned and his insides gurgled. i was excited before to go to school, but now I am a little aprehensive. 2 more days of work at the hotel. will you be my friend? this, i think, will be my tagline for meeting new people, or perhaps, instead I will say something to th effect ' do you like nirvana and pearl jam, 'cuz they wail' yeah, so I am loser, I was looking up tourdates for the casket lottery, cursive, etc for the upcoming year, I just haven't been going to concerts and to a degree this is not troublesome.

yup. goals, however pipedreamish or not, seem to not get accomplished.

a fence was on my car this morning.

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