Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tales from the basement

Recently, I have been unable to read books or listen to music with any sustainability. But when I do it is usually quite enjoyable. So do I listen/read more or do I keep it in short supply to make it more appreciated? I do allow myself to be consumed by thoughts of cooking and recipes. Which I really do not know all that much about. I also don't make posts of things I make, because if they are good, I want to keep them to myself selfishly at that. I went on google analytics the other day and saw that top referral to my blog via a google search is 'american flag tattoo.' In my WheresGeorge escapades I got hit the other day that said "got this bill in a weed deal" in the comments section: funny. As for food, if you have the chance get something made with a fresh tortilla. It will be delicious.

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Stefan said...

Good Job! :)