Monday, October 25, 2004

i'm sorry, i was wrong-headed.
i make mountains of nothing thinking its going to do something good, but it all does is make me feel like an asshole and in retrospect all i can think, is why did you do that? you know it wasnt a deal at all, its like for this tiny period, i lose my sense and end up being a dick which right before or after i know i am. then i get sick to my stomach and head, knowing the stupidity of it. i then i always am afraid that an argument equals the end, which it doesnt. but i feel like it might and then i clammer and get sweaty and poop alot. arguments are bound to happen if they didnt then somehting is off too, straight lines circle sometimes. so i am determined to grow into a better person from such situations, it scucks to be wrong when it hurts others though.

on a lighter note, poking throught the grey cloud i created, i am excited for halloween. this should be the best costume i have ever had. juxtaposed to my usual torn up dirtied clothes that i used to fancy.

so many things running through my head.

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