Wednesday, July 17, 2002

i often set goals up for myself, that are rather quickly left to the wayside, or that is to say they are forgotten. sometimes, they are trivial, but all are to make me better somehow in my mind, if not in others too. i have never met anyone named whitney. so lately i have been feeling lame, not like a sick being, but boring, without passion, all around kind of blah. my friends are not very good at keeping conversations with me, or perhaps vice versa, so everything is blah, i find it harder at times to talk to my 'old' friends, as opposed to new, currently, i am not sure who's design this is, but its happening like this. and with other things, i guess sometimes the metaphorical spark is not presesnt, but does it need to be, this is also a quandry i have been dealing with as of late. then again maybe i am searching for something that does not need to be found, not to say that it is lost. i suppose if i discontinue saying that i am lame, then perhaps i won't be it to such an extent if at all, o por lo menos, no tendria estes sentimientos. sin emabargo, estoy contento, creo que si. so i think and this is okay, i like stuff and still want to be 'smart.'

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