Wednesday, July 31, 2002

a. sometimes it is nice to have a significant other, because they can provide a social security.
b. feeling a little out of place lately, or perhaps, lacking that location (non-physical) of belonging.
c. i have been sneezing a lot today.
d. i haven't been sleeping well.
e. i somtimes want summer to end, so i don't have to work, but that is dumb, b/c if i wasn' t working, i still would be doing nothing. i want to start school so i can see people, but i haven't really seen people here and this may be the root of my despondentness. i wish i was better friends with some people and that some of my relationships didn't feel stagnet now. my goals for the summer were not really accomplished, so it goes. so i am just kinda here, right now. maybe you can help me change that.

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