Sunday, June 23, 2002

i have just regressed from this party, or perhaps more elegantly stated i have just returned to my home. i was at a party, where the most of the people consumed alcohol (at one point i could draw the the structure for ethyl alcohol) or maybe the alcohol consumed them. i decided that getting drunk is not for me, besides the obvious health risks, i mean becoming drunk in truth is killing yourself. so to me if i drink, why not smoke, eat meat, etc. or maybe this is just crap. i like my friends for the most part better when they are sober, now that i have drank (across the sea), i can make this choice, without hearing the addage don't diss it 'till you try it, even though that saying is really not important to me. i guess i dont get the appeal, and this is probably a good thing for me, with my family history.
my assinine behavior has been about the same, though i am trying (in theory) to be less assinine. i guess i only edit myself around certain people, and when i do this its because i really like these people or because i have very little intrest in them, or in other words, people from both ends of the gamut.

i am a creep, you've already crept.
you are asleep, i've already slept.
under the north wind, i've begin to spin.
i admire your courage,(&) the truths you have foraged.
now you edit your memories,(&) i am just one of the sundries.
you are weeping, i've already wept.

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