Sunday, June 30, 2002

last nite i went to improv & i wasn't that funny, but this is okay, because i can't always be funny, i know. i didn't get out any abortion or other taboo/social commentary jokes, but you win some. passion, is it overrated, or i am just obsessing. hmmm? i need to read more, becuase i want to be smart (educated). i am at home and i don't do much. i polished my boots today. girls. girls, are nice, in fact i like them and think sometimes i can talk to them better than the average male. but sometimes others seem that an attraction (physical or mental) will occur and this causes me to think since i dont this is always or has to be the case. is it that "this person is a girl and we get along and i am hetero then we should date or some non-sense like this". so then i start again. here i am. i have been selling stuff on ebay and playing guitar. i am limited with my gutair skills and i suppose this could upset me, but i am complacent(sp). so i might now advance to this situation i am holding back on, because, in honesty, we live only once and well sometimes it looks good and sometimes it looks bad, really bad.
using this logic i would also get a tattoo.
i have also been thinking about how we edit ourselves, on purpose or otherwise. trying to create a perception of ourself that might not be true and that might not be the same for every person.
** i love water. water is really beautiful. **