Monday, June 17, 2002

it was brought to my attention yesterday that perhaps online journals are lame. i then decided why i like them.

a. as of know i havent given anyone this address. private, kinda.
2. It helps me write knowing there is the potential for someone else to read it, i like it better when i feel like i am writing to someone else, even though in theory i am writing to myself.
c. you're a gimp

Last night i saw a thing about people who were blind and this new medical advancement making them not blind, or less blind. Then i thought about how dependant we are ( i am ) on vision. Some of the best communication is unspoken and while we maybe able to still accomplish this communication w/o sight, i think it would be way different. i suppose this is true about many thing, i digress.

still on the hunt for a job.

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